Art discipline: 
Sanne De Wolf Lives and works in Belgium, Antwerp
Sanne De Wolf is an artist who incorporates (ethno) - historical patterns and actions. She translates these into contemporaryinterventions and visual artworks. Her research into fabric, with its different connotations, pushes the artist to expose con-nections down to the intangible layers and creates ritual performances and installations intertwined with memories and intercultural references. She makes connections between present, past, west and east and brings together different voices. Her artistic process creates a synergy between material and energy.De Wolf sees it as a priority to engage in collaborations with the local contexts. Context refers to both landscape elements (read borderlines, gaps, connections, open spaces, borders, layers), and local residents, artists, etc.Through her work she communicates in a striking way about her ideas around social engagement and social responsibility to the “other” and reminds the audience to retardation and stillness. Her publication Salon des Réfugiés, salon des Refusés, 2016 - 1863 approaches the warp and woof of contemporary society. Currently De Wolf is working in collaboration with Tehran (IR) and Beirut (LB).
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2012 Performance LABYRINTH - MIDDELHEIM Open Air museum Antwerp, Belgium
2012 Performance CUT AND CONNECT - M HKA Museum of Contemporary art Antwerp, Belgium
2013 SWEET HIBISCUS - Les Anciens abbatoirs Casablanca - Morocco
2016 January 7 - february 21 SALON DES REFUGIES 2015, 2016 SALON DES REFUSES
MHKA – INBOX - Museum of Contemporary Art – Antwerp, Belgium
2016 August 1 - 27 - Solo exhibition GESTURES AND SHUDDERS Museum E! icw M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium
2017 March 9 - march 19 Solo exhibition POURPARLER / DIALOGUES Pedrami Gallery Antwerp, Belgium
2017 August Artist in residence Pejman foundation – Tehran, Iran
2017 August 26 Open studio - Artist talk - Kandovan - Pejman Foundation - Tehran, Iran
2017 0ctober 4 - 8 - Art the Hague, Netherlands
2017 October 4 - 2018 january 7 - Lonely fingers - Something stronger than me SEEDS - WIELS - Brussels, Belgium ngers-SEEDS
2017 November 2, LET ‘S MAKE MORE POEMS, LESS POLITICS - Performance – Tehran, Iran
Publication SALON DES REFUGIES-SALON DES REFUSES - ISBN 9 789078 322375 (2016)