Art discipline: 
Xenorama is an interdisciplinary collective for audio-visual art that consists of Marcel Bückner, Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel, Lorenz Potthast and Moritz Richartz. After previous engagement in various individual and collective artistic projects we are working together in the current constellation from June 2014 on. Since 2015 we have our studio in Potsdam, Germany, but nevertheless feel home and well connected in many other places.

We are united by the fascination to use technology to create magic. We combine expertise in the fields of design, animation, programming, sound design and composition and specialize in immersive experiences, interactive installations and light projection shows.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2014: MOYA FACADE: Genius Loci Video Mapping Festival - Ohm-Krüger House, Weimar, Germany
2015: IMAGO CAELI: Samba Carneval - Theater Bremen, Germany
2015: ONEIRONAUT: Schlosslichtspiele GLOBALE2015 - Palace of Karlruhe, Germany
2015: FACADE DIALOGS: CityLeaks Festival - Wiener Platz, Cologne, Germany
2016: KINETIC STREAM: Temps d’ Images Festival - Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2016: RADIX: Luminale Light Biennale - Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
2016: KINETIC STREAM: Serendubity Sommerdubwende - Mensch Meier, Berlin, Germany
2016: RADIX: International Mapping Festival - Girona, Spain
2016: RADIX: Platine Festival - bunker k101, Cologne, Germany
2016: TRANSKUTAN: Schlosslichtspiele 2016 - Palace of Karlsruhe, Germany
2016: ATTYÉF AL’MEDINA: Interference Light Art Festival - Dar Cherif, Tunis, Tunisia
2016: RADIX: LUMEN Prize - Hackney House, London, United Kingdom
2017: DR. ZAUFT SCULPTURE: Inselhotel Hermannswerde, Potsdam, Germany
2017: BLICKLICHTER Solo Exhibition: Kunst- und Kulturhaus Rechenzentrum, Potsdam, Germany
2017: GOLDSTADT 250 - Congress Centrum, Pforzheim, Germany
Awards / Prizes : 
08.2014: Winner: Genius Loci Video Mapping Festival - Weimar, Germany
09.2015: BestOf: ZKM Schlosslichtspiele - Karlsruhe, Germany
07.2016: Micromapping and Audience Award: International Mapping Festival Girona - Girona, Spain
07.2016: Shortlist: LUMEN Prize - London, UK
03.2017: New Face Award: Japan Media Art Festival, Entertainment Category - Tokyo, Japan