Art discipline: 
1995 - 2001 Don Bosco-college Kortrijk: Latin und Modern Languages.
2001 - 2005 University of Antwerp: English und German Literature and Linguistics and Theatre science - MA Thesis: Rhythm in Theatre)
2004 - 2005 Foreign exchange scholarship (Erasmus) at The FU Berlin
2005 - 2007 University Ghent: Diploma Academic teacher-training
2009 Project management at the Civil Academy, Berlin
2016 1. Dan Aikido, Aikikai Tokyo - Christian Tissier, 8. Dan with Michel Erb, 6. Dan, Dojo Südstern, Berlin
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2017 Construction of Giant Puppet for Street Theatre DAS VERSTECKTE SCHULTIER in Neukölln (with Artistania e.V.) Funded by Bezirksamt Neukölln.
2016 STREETBIRDS: performative interactions
2015-16 PHÖNIX TRILOGY: performative interactions at Rixdorf, making a giant Bird. Funded by BKJ
2013-16 DRUMMOBILE: constructing, re-constructing and playing on 2 Drummobiles. Funded by BKJ
2015 KILOFON: ICH HAB’ DAS DUNKEL NOCH IM OHR. Cooperation with and première at the Schaubude Berlin and on Tour (until 2017). Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Bezirksamt Pankow und das Niedersächsische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur.
2014 IMPROVISATION PERFORMANCE at Improvisation Xchange Berlin Festival, Eden
2013 KILOFON: Founding of the music theatre collective. First production SEE:SUCHT, Object music theatre, at JOJO, Leipzig and on Tour in Sachsen. Funded by Fonds Soziokultur / EU – Jugend in Aktion / Kulturamt Leipzig
2012 SOLÉTUDES: performative visual score to open TRES, at Sowieso, Supalife (Berlin) and Mekanik (Antwerp)
2011 TRES: Object book with Igor Souza. Editor: Caderno Listrado, Brazil, At the gallery RV, Salvador de Bahia, Supalife, Berlin at the Europalia Festival, Antwerp.
2009 FAUST SONNENGESANG, a poem film by Werner Fritsch: Assistance of
2008 KAIARA: Music theatre play, together with the classical Wood quartet Sirius and Catherine Vansteenkiste: Ravel's Music “Contes de mère l'Oye”. At Vlaamse Opera Gent, Flygey Brussels (Be)
Awards / Prizes :