Art discipline:

Within their conceptional approach, the members of artist collective Ephemeral
Tomorrow combine technical knowledge with minimalistic aesthetics and pres-
ent both in their data relevant audiovisual installations. Established in 2016,
Riccardo Torresi, Maxime Lethelier, Asako Fujimoto selected for several group
shows in Austria, Italy, Japan, Greece and Germany.

Riccardo Torresi is a media artist, architect and film maker from Italy.

Maxime Lethelier is a french media artist interested in interactive installations
and visuals for music.

Asako Fujimoto is a Japanese electronic music composer/performer who has
been based in Osaka, NYC, Paris and currently Berlin.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Athens Digital Art Festival 2018
Athens (Greece), 2018
Berlin Art Week 2017, Thank you for sharing,
OKK Gallery, Berlin, 2017
48 Stunden Neukölln
Kunstwerk Sommer, Berlin (Germany), 2017
Visionary art show
Palazzo Vernazza-Castromediano, Lecce (Italy), 2017
Bauschule an der Wagenhalle
Stuttgart (Germany), 2016
Nell Arena delle balle di paglia
Cotignola (Italy), 2016
Karlsplatz, Wien (Austria), 2016
Awards / Prizes : 
VISIONARY ART SHOW 2017 - Best Visionary Artist - Lecce (Italy)
JAPAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 2018 - Jury Selection - Tokyo (Japan)