Art discipline: 
Born in Athens, Greece. He studied Methodology, History and Theory of Science at the University of Athens and Film at the Stavrakos Film School. After finishing his studies he spent a decade working as a screenwriter and script editor before making the move to directing his own narrative films and documentaries.
Since 2014 he lives in Berlin and continues his work as a filmmaker. His interest in a "polyphonic" form of cinematic expression, eventually led him to street photography.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Left Right (2009)
Short Film - 14'
Director: Argyris Germanidis – Stavros Raptis,
Screenplay: Argyris Germanidis – Stavros Raptis
Funded by the Mikrofilm Programm, ERT (Greek NationalTelevision)

Nightshift (2010)
Documentary Series in 13 Episodes (30')
broadcasted by ERT (Greek National Television)

Rio (2007)
Feature Film
Award: Balkan Fund Prize - Thessaloniki Film Festival 2007
Director: Nikos Panoutsopoulos, Screenplay: Argyris Germanidis
Awards / Prizes : 
Left Right - Short Film
Awards: Special Mention - Cinema Tous Ecrans
Best Balkan Film, Filmini International Short Festival
II Prize, Zubroffska International Short Film Festival
Jury Special Award – 17 th Adana Film Festival
Best Cinematography Award - Villach K3
A total of 40 festival participations:
Sarajevo Film Festival Molodist Film Festival (Kiev),
Shanghai International Film Festival, Encounters (UK) etc.