Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Translating memories into narrative through Textile.

The word Textile is combined from 2 words: Text + Tile, different pieces of text that when put together create a complete surface.

We are wrapped and surrounded with textile from our very beginning, our experiences are embedded in fabrics from day one, or in other words being weaved, knit, crochet or sewn into fabric - The fabric of our lives.

It always start with moving a thread and a needle - the two belonging together and completing each other - but also leads to endless work of connecting.

This pursuit for harmonious connections between people, places, storylines, is the source of my artistic process.
A process in which I search to translate the memories and narratives of the everyday life into a comprehensible, meaningful and beautiful textile surfaces by employing various crafts.

I would like the viewer to witness my art as an open process, a space for imagination, interpretations and surprises.
But also with its loose ends that call for a new story to begin.