Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Marcello Lussana (1979) combines his interests in music, philosophy and technology, particularly the interaction between music and human movement, where body and computer are connected through a complex understanding of body perception and dedicated interfaces. After completing his study at the University of Foreign Languages in Bergamo, he earned a Master in Technology and Communication at Torino. In 2010, he attended the Master of Sound Studies program at the University of Arts in Berlin (UdK). Since 2012, he has been a composer for the MotionComposer project (http://motioncomposer.com/).
He now lives in Berlin and produces computer music for audio-visual performances, dance, theater and live electronics. He is also a PhD candidate at Humboldt University Berlin on the subject of interactive music and consciousness.
Since 2016 he leads the research project Sentire together with the Berlin based artist Olga Kozmanidze. More under http://sentire.me/