Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Gar Cox is a Dublin-based acoustic songwriter. Over more than two decades, Gar has charmed and challenged audiences in Ireland and across Europe. He has recently focused on presenting his work outside of conventional singer-songwriter channels.  Most recently, he embarked on a tour of independent bookshops – the “Support Your Local Bookshop” Tour – in which he brought his work to the sites that had inspired it. Through all this, the cornerstones of Gar’s work are openness and humanity.  From panoramic accounts of the Diaspora at Christmas to poignant vignettes of his own experiences as a queer Irishman forging his own path in the world, Gar’s songs never fail to provide wit, wisdom and a twisted tail feather.
“Beguiling […] Top-notch acoustic punk” – Hot Press
“Brilliantly mixes humour, pathos and reflections of queer life” – Gay Community News