Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Eva Garland is an artist based in Berlin. Her works range from installation, drawing and sculpture to more applied forms such as puppets and costume, with a strong focus on fabric and textile mediums and an explicitly handmade approach. Recurrent themes circulating around decay and transformation, gender interplay and the questioning of beauty ideals come often into the foreground.
Recent projects include: the creation of a shamanistic ceremonial cloak for a a practicing Shaman; a cast of puppets and costumes for the gender-performance artist Bridge Markland - commissioned for the theatre pieces ''Leonce and Lena' in the box’“ (2014) and for Gerhard Hauptmann’s „Die Ratten in the box'“ (2018); Creation of the central costume (white deer) for the 'Ouroboros' performance by Ambra Rosedorne as part of 'Obscure Avantgarde‘; Creation of the Costumes for the play 'Family Skeletons' as part of a project for the English Theatre Berlin; the set design and installation for the film project „Appetite“ directed by by the Bulgarian artist & director Jagama; creation of the costume for the Neo-Burlesque-Horror „The Queen Of Guts“ for the performer Lily Mortis. Installations in the Exhibitions`VivalaV`and Appetite`.
Together with her partner Ambra Rosedorne, she works on decoration and sculptural installations for various Berlin clubs most notably the club night Homopatik/Buttons and the rooftop culture garden Klunkerkranich.