Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Composer Dirk Haubrich was born 1966 in Saarbrücken, Germany. During a 4 year residence in London he studied composition and improvisation with Phillip Wachsmann. Dirk Haubrich moved to The Hague, the Netherlands , in 1993 to study at the Royal Conservatory electronic music composition with Clarence Barlow and Joel Ryan.
Since his degree in 1998 he is composing for ballet and modern dance.
His love for dance and stage elaborated while working with the Frankfurt Ballet and Billy Forsythe in Eidos-Telos from 1995.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
In the field of dance Dirk Haubrich wrote the music for many ballets of Jiri Kylian (Czech/NL) from 2000 - 2010: Click-Pause-Silence, 27’52”, Blackbird, Claude Pascal, When Time Takes Time, Far Too Close, Last Touch, Last Touch First, Il Faut Qu’une Porte, Sleepless, Toss Of A Dice, Tar & Feathers, Vanishing Twin, Zugvögel, Mémoires d’Oubliettes.
He also wrote the music for the creations and ballet with Krisztina de Chatel (Hungary/NL), Bruno Listopad (Portugal/NL), Megumi Nakamura (Japan), Anouk van Dijk (NL), Michael Schumacher (US/NL), Medhi Walerski (France/NL), Sjoerd Vreugtenhil (NL) , Karine Guizzo (F/NL), Allison Brown (US/Germany), Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaut (Sw/F/NL), Pedro Goucha Gomes (Portugal//NL) , Vaclav Kunes (Czech/ NL), Shen Wei (China / N.Y.), Jitti Chompee (Thailand), Fernando Melo (Sweden/Brazil) and Armen Hakobyan/Denis Untila (Armenia/Moldavia/Ger) .
He premiered his pieces in various theaters around the world, La Opera Garnier Paris, Saitama Arts Center Japan, Korzo Theater Den Haag, Nederlands Dans Theater Den Haag, Het National Ballet Amsterdam, Carte Blanche Bergen, Pretty Ugly Dance Company Freiburg, Opera National de Bordeaux, Bayerisches Staatstheater München , the Ballet de Monte Carlo , Norrdans Sweden , Aalto Ballet Essen/Germany and the New National Theater Tokyo.
Currently he lives in Berlin, working closely with the scenography artist Yoko Seyama.