Art discipline: 
1977-1980 apprenticeship as skilled worker-machinist
1982-1987 study at the technical college Bielefeld to degreed Mechanical-Engineer
1995-1998 study at the college Ottersberg to a degreed art-therapists and art-pedagogue
1999-2000 study fine arts at the college Ottersberg by professor Hermanus Westendorp
2001-2002 postgraduate study fine arts (comparable with the master class) HfbK Hamburg by Prof. B.J.Blume
Awards / Prizes : 
2018 2. Price ART FAIR Ulm
2017 1. Price INPHA4 International Photography MANIFEST Gallery Cincinnati/Ohio USA mit Buchveröffentlichung
2016 2. Price INPHA4, International Photography, Cincinnati/Ohio, USA
1. Price fotoforum award, sector architecture
2015 Buch "new perspectives" nominiert für Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2015
2014 1. Price Kultur Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Karlsruhe
2013 book-founding "new perspectives", Stiftung Kunstfond