Art discipline: 
Lindakaroliina (Linda Söderman) is an illustrator and independent creative born and raised in coastal Finland. She's currently based in Berlin, Germany, working from graumalerei Studio & Gallery Space. Beneath the surface of her illustrations lie stories that often deal with human behaviour, emotions, and everyday challenges in all their peculiarity.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
#sowasvonecht, group exhibition, graumalerei/48h Neukölln, Berlin 2018

“Random Season” zine, self publication, Berlin, Sep 2018

Under The Weather, group exhibition, graumalerei, Berlin 2017
Cactus Protest, group exhibition, graumalerei/Neukölln gegen Nazis, Berlin 2017
Seltsame Ereignisse, group exhibition, graumalerei/48h Neukölln, Berlin 2017
Graumalerei, group exhibition, graumalerei, Berlin 2016