Art discipline: 
Halea is a Berlin-based multi-media artist, visual anthropologist and cultural manager. She muses on multiple realities as dynamic processual constructions of the individual subject and explores mind and materiality in an age of convergence and hyper-stimulation. The concept of Transmodernity is central to her work: it describes the new movement and era we are now entering into. As the synthesis of modernity and postmodernity, it encourages a different social imagination and new representations of our world, as well as a mindful way of living, in accordance with Mother Nature and Love Ethics.

After completing her studies in Media&Communications and Photography at Goldsmiths University in London, she moved back to her hometown Berlin where she works as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. She also continues to organise collaborative exhibitions and parties as the creative director of MUSÉ, a platform and community for visionary exchange that she founded in 2013.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
MUSÉ • • • GRASSGRASS Art Directing, London • • • AUGEN-BLICK • • • Chaos & Creation //