Art discipline: 
Daiane holds a BA in Performing Arts from Faculdade de Artes do Paraná (Curitiba, Brazil); she's a co-founder of the art collective Eu Também Quero um Carrinho de Mercado (2008) and of the Casa Selvática Cultural Center (2012), where she developed works in acting and performance arts. Her research focuses on body art, body modification and body aesthetics with emphasis on her personal history and influences from feminism and female authors/artists such as Virginia Woolf, Sarah Kane and Francesca Woodman.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Several performances, happenings, plays, short films, installations, photography exhibitions and zines. Highlights are the monologue "Ânsia, Calma e Controle", the video installation "Disorder" and the happening "C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) ⤌⤍ 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(I) + energia <3".