Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Media Arts Lab looks at history of time-based media to deal with issues related to personal history and experience. The artists attempt to see and hear the world in different ways highlighting aesthetic, political and social considerations as important filters of translation and representation. We witness a moving gaze, non-static, yet active and determined. A gaze that desires more, a wholeness for everything living and alive.
Sonia Phillibeit for instance draws on the personal diary to capture passage of time in relation to her own memory, while Kinda Muhsen takes us on a journey into her mandalas. Mohamed Rajab collages field recordings native to private and public space to draw on the overlapping complexities of both spheres, while Emmy Wernthal inserts her body in Berlin landmarks to construct a larger image of a personal experience vis-a-vis the collective. Joudi Mushen navigates the current of a fluid identity using water as a intrinsic symbol. In one long take, Hashem Alwan captures his extrovert gaze to bring attention to his constant overwhelming curiosity.