Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Born in Greece, Aris Chantzopoulos, "Forvitinn", is using a wide range of channels of communication and expression to create emotions.

By means of painting, music composing, sculpture, as well as video art,media art performance and photography, he is conceiving a multi-dimensional image of his own world, his own fairy-tale.

Two elements mostly dominate his work, a romantic spirit, expressed persistenly through his artistic research of virgin forests and aquatic landscapes of elf-like creatures, and the dynamism of a wild inhospitably realistic, but pure and minimalistic plasticity. An urban and technological human-made environment. Combining these two worlds together,made him create a very personal stroke, both visually and musically.Video art came as a way to combine music and image. Music within this process of visual composition is always present, and is both a source of inspiration and a means of creative expression.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2014 -2015
Birke vol.II.”The Watchful Tree” Cell63 Art Platform, 01/12-30/01, Berlin
• solo paiinting installation illustration exhibition
Forest: Nature of Crisis, Constanza Macras/Dorky Park Schaubuhne/Muggelwald, Berlin
• Musician/Performer
Playing in ruins, Jens Vandendriessche Klub der Republik, Berlin
• live video footage featuring music written by Aris Chantzopoulos in collaboration with cellist Gyda Valtyrsdottir
We are in Grisis
Cervantes institut Athen, Athens
• group exhibition of paintings
Das Schoenste Wetter
Spilioti Projects, Bacaro, Athens
• solo exhibition of paintings
Die Sonne 78 art gallery. Berlin
• exhibition of paintings
Die kleine Meerjungsfrau von duo Galipette &Forvitinn Rahmen der Lichhtklangnacht
Rostock, Germany
23-24 August
• Musician - Performer
Move in Between
dancetheater piece by Ronni Maciel Capoeira Angola E.V.
• music composer/ performer
Premier of “I Sunrender” Movie by Jens Vandenriessche Kino Moviemento Berlin
• music composer for the movie's soundtrack
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Klimaclima International Multimedia Competition on Sustainable Lifestyles and Climate Protection
• first prize winner participating with a short movie
Ypovrixio Magazine painting-photography and video art competition,Booze Cooperativa, multispace 417, Gazarte, Athens
• first prize winner participating with paintings and video art projections